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I would like to add a picture book.

You are a group of children who want to send their story as a gift to other children all over the world? That’s wonderful! 

It’s not difficult at all. All you need to do is to consider a few things:

Writing the book

It's important that the ideas behind the story come from children. The text and the pictures should also be created by children.

Children make their stories into a gift for other children all over the world. Talk about what that means to you.


The children are free to choose their own topics. However, we will not publish books that discriminate or exclude other people. We will not publish books that are one-sidedly politically or religiously motivated either.


Contact us in advance at so that you can send your details to us. Unfortunately, we ourselves cannot speak every language in the world. So please send us your e-mail and a brief summary of the story in German, English, French or Spanish. We will let you know how you can send the pictures and the story to us.


There should be one self-illustrated picture or photo per page of the story. In order for the text to really fit next to the pictures in all languages and scripts, it should not have more than 650 characters per page.

Disclaimer is a charitable project. It is financed by donations and only made possible by volunteers.

The basic idea is to provide stories free of charge to families and other promoters of reading. That’s why we are unable to pay our authors and volunteer translators a fee. All authors, illustrators and translators assign the rights to the stories, pictures and translations to Bücherpiraten. Of course, we will credit all authors, illustrators and translators. 

The commercial use of translations by us or any other parties is strictly prohibited.  

We reserve the right to decide whether, when and in what order we publish books and have them translated.

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