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By donating, you can help us to continue doing what we do.

To add a new picture book to the database, we organize a three-day writing workshop with an author for the children. Other children illustrate the manuscript created there in a separate three-day workshop with an illustrator.
We then send the story to professional, certified translators. They write the first six versions of the book. Then we give the seven versions to our over 60 translators, proofreaders and audiobook narrators. The 1,001 translations of the picture book are created bit by bit in cooperation with them.

EUR 3 can help us to create the next story.

EUR 30 will sponsor a language combination for the next story.

EUR 300 will sponsor all language combinations for the next story.

EUR 4,500 will sponsor the next writing workshop. A whole new story can be created with your help. 

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