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The Future in Zapotec

The book ‘How Does the Future Actually Come About’ on the UN 2030 Agenda is now available in Zapotec or more precisely Isthmus Zapotec (Zapotec del Istmo)! Isthmus Zapotec is one of the many language variants of the indigenous language group Zapotec, which is spoken mainly in Oaxaca in Mexico. With only about 80 000 native speakers, Isthmus Zapotec is classified as endangered. This means that it may soon be threatened with extinction.

Of course, Isthmus Zapotec is not the only language with a declining number of native speakers. According to the UNESCO study of 2016, by the end of this century there will only be half as many living languages as there are now. That's why we are happy to be able to offer those languages a place on bilingual-picturebooks.org. With every new language, the diversity of our site grows and opens a new unique perspective on the world.

We would like to thank the two translators for their help and are very happy that with Zapotec our book about the future has gained another chapter. Hopefully there will be many more!

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