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The Flaming Fox


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Once upon a time or never, in a forest miles from the nearest village, there lived a flaming fox. He burned so hot that no animal dared go near him for fear that they might catch fire, too. So the fox was always alone.

fox, eagle, animals, love, fairytale, music

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Kathrin Breitsameter, Feli Davidsmeyer, Kassey Davidsmeyer, Theo Jacobsen, Rina Kolterjahn, Jan Rahlf, Nike Rahlf

Kathrin Breitsameter, Julia Chrosziel, Kassey Davidsmeyer, Julia Glinz, Theo Jacobsen, Finja Kluth, Rina Kolterjahn, Linnea Puck, Nike Rahlf, Ida Seiler, Hangzhi Yu

Feli Davidsmeyer

Martin Gries, Thalia Darkow

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