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First book in Nepali

We have a new language on

The multilingual picture book "The little us" by Daniela Kunkel is now also available in Nepali. We are very happy about this. Even more as we heard how it came about:  As part of the Hamburg Seiteneinsteiger, the Eidelstedt KulturContainer offered multilingual online readings of "The little us" for a week. And because a reading in Nepali was also planned - but we had not yet translated the book into that language - the Eidelstedter KulturContainer took matters into their own hands and Sunita Rai and Bindra Karki translated the book.  We asked them what their favourite words were, and Sunita told us three - because her 3-year-old son pronounces them so cutely:
 हेत्तेरिका- hetterika - crap. 
कति राम्रो- Koti ramro -how lovely 
हस- hos- ok 

And then there's a third reason to be happy: Shortly after uploading the Nepali translation, our counter of language combinations jumped to 800 and has now reached 806! Crazy, isn't it?

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