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A month full of audio books in 1001 languages

Immersing oneself in a story while reading aloud, comfortably at home on the sofa or together in the day care centre, is something wonderful. We want children to be able to listen to stories in their own language. That's why the book pirates at not only offer free bilingual picture books for download, but also audio books in as many languages as possible. All stories have been written and illustrated by children's or youth groups themselves and translated by volunteers.

This October, with the help of many volunteers, we will try to upload as many audio books as possible to the website in one month. 

Would you like to join in and give your voice to a children's story?

Maybe you know people who enjoy reading aloud to children and can imagine giving an audio book to "1001 Languages". You don't have to be a professional and you don't need any special technical equipment. You should just enjoy reading aloud. Just contact us at and tell us in which language you would like to record a story.


You can come to the home of the Bücherpiraten in Lübeck and record the audio book there. We will set up a small booth here where we record audio books. The booth will be there until the end of October.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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