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How Can the Future Be a Success?

Let's create a handbook for the future!

The deadline for stories about “How Can the Future Be a Success?” has been extended to 30th of May 2022! If you know a group of children that hasn’t submitted their idea yet do not worry, there is still time! You haven’t heard of the project or need a little reminder? Here you can find all further information:How can the future be a success? How can we have hope for a successful future, even if we are surrounded by bad news every day?

A few months ago, a group of young book pirates pondered these and similar questions. The result was a story about a pair of magic glasses that makes possibilities for a bright future visible.

We now want to send this story on a journey around the world so that it reaches as many groups of children as possible. We would like to know which people or groups of people the children know who are changing things for the better. People who have simply already started to create a successful future and who show us ways in which it is possible.

These portraits will then be used to create picture books for bilingual-picturebooks.org: Picture books that tell hopeful stories about the future.

Do you also work with a group of children or know people who do? Then join in!

Here you can find all the information on how to do this in...

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