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"The Swan, the Goat and the Frog" is Online

Two days ago we uploaded our newest bilingual picturebook on

Last year a group of young book pirates met here in the house of the Bücherpiraten and wrote their own fairy tales. Some of them are already uploaded as bilingual picturebooks to this website. And "the Swan, the Goat and the Frog" has been written in this workshop as well. It's a story about wishes, greed and wisdom. Last week - the last week of our summer holidays - the author, illustrator and puppet player Barbara Steinitz visited us. She and a group of seven children created beautiful illustrations for the fairy tale. Now that the story has its illustrations and already two translations (from German to Russian and English), it can be downloaded here.

We are also happy about more and more volunteer translators. Would you like to translate "the Swan, the Goat and the Frog" into your native languages as well? Send us an e-mail to

We wish you a great and magical time reading this fairy tale.

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