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601 Language Combinations!

We were so happy when our counter switched to 600 and then even to 601. At about 11 AM our bilingual picturebook „How does Future Actually Come About?“ has been downloaded in Urdu-Chinese (mandarin). This was the 601st language combination in which our bilingual picture books has been downloaded so far. We love the idea that somebody reads the book (and who knows, maybe actually in this moment) in Urdu and Mandarin. In case you don’t know the database of free bilingual picturebooks on yet, you should have a look on it. 

Thanks to our many voluntary translators the number of available languages on the website grows and grows. The latest languages we are working on are for example: Basque, Pulaar, Sinhala and Malayalam. To have a look from time to time can be worth it. And we are looking forward to reach 1001 created language combinations in a while.

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