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Saving the World, Just Like That


Small reading sample:
The world news show begins, and the presenters start talking about world events.
Earthquakes have triggered a chain of reactions around the world.
“Houses, cars and entire landscapes have been destroyed,” the lady on the television explains. Landfill sites have been ripped apart. “Unfortunately the garbage has ended up in the oceans.” There have also been enormous power outages. This story was created as part of a play workshop at the Book Pirates' “Office of Lost and Found Words”.  

Saving the world, environment, theatre, puns, penguins

Original language:

Amy, Charlotte, Fabian, Feline, Kalle, Pelin, Sophia, Sophie, Theo, Fee

Charlotte, Fabian, Feline, Kalle, Sophia, Sophie

Katharina Feuerhake, Martin Gries

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