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Chocolate Cake in Hawaii


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Francesco the Lion is different. He is the only one who blushes when someone speaks to him. Francesco is the only lion who likes to belly dance. And when he sees pizza, Francesco is the only one who thinks, “Yummy.” He is also the only one who daydreams. And certainly the only lion who dreams, “If only I won a trip to Hawaii. Then I could enjoy chocolate cake on the beach. That would be sooooo nice. And yummy.” He dreams and dreams. Francesco doesn’t notice at all that his beloved scarf has wrapped itself around his paws. He stumbles and falls down.

africa, lion, friendship, being different, chocolate cake

Original language:

Annika Marie Germer, Fin Sach, Ida Jette Sophie Ohsoling, Katharina Kolterjahn, Leonie Possehl, Miklas Hafke

Fin Sach, Katharina Kolterjahn, Paul Drenckhahn, Hanno Peyk, Lilian Rau, Carolin Kuschmierz

Martin Gries, Birte Müller

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Dräger-Stiftung, Lübeck, Deutschland

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