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First Translations to Basque are online

We recently added two Basque translations to And we asked Elene, who translated the story "The Flaming Fox" into Basque, if she could tell us a bit about the peculiarities of her mother tongue: 

"One word came to my mind instantly. It is not untranslatable, I just find it really cute. The word for the insect ladybug in Basque is "amona mantangorria", which translates literally to "grandma with a red apron", I think it's lovely.

[...] and when translating the tale "The Flaming Fox", one sentence called my attention, not because it's especially challenging but because it made me pay attention to its literal meaning. "To fall in love" is translated as "maitemindu" in Basque, which means "hurt by love", and it makes me think of Cupid shooting his arrow!"

We find it so exciting what our translators tell us about their mother tongues and that we can always learn something more this way. This time we really enjoyed the linguistic image of the grandmother in a red apron and will certainly think about it often when we see the first ladybirds this spring.

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