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30 books for 1001 Languages

August 10th, 2021

Families have been able to download bilingual picture books for free at for more than five years. You can put together your very own individual language combination by choosing from over 60 languages. It all started with the book "Chocolate Cake in Hawaii". Volunteer native speakers have translated the book into a wide variety of languages. Over the years, new stories have been created and translated in various workshops in our children's literature house. Morover, we also keep receiving stories that children's groups from all over the world have written and illustrated for

Today we are celebrating the 30th bilingual picture book on the website! "Lodig the Giraffe Collects Birthday Greetings." Though Lodig is not collecting gifts for us, but for Knut the cat, we still feel lucky to have her. The book was created in cooperation with all FRÖBEL Kitas from Northern Germany and we are very enchanted by the lovely and lively illustrations and the story of Lodig on her funny journey around the world. The book is currently available in German and English. If you would like to volunteer to translate it into your native language, please contact us.

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